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Despite the promise of "equal justice for all" embedded in the Massachusetts Constitution, many low-income families in the Commonwealth are denied access to justice every day because they cannot afford attorneys to help them navigate the complex civil legal system


How Legal Aid Works

By providing free legal advice and representation to domestic violence victims, families on the verge of homelessness, elder victims of consumer fraud and others like them, legal aid programs help bring the scales of justice into balance. While criminal defendants have the right to an attorney, there is no such guarantee in civil cases.

Massachusetts residents with incomes below 125 percent of the federal poverty line can contact a legal aid program that serves their area for advice and assistance in civil cases. To find the program that serves your area and get practical information about your legal rights, please visit

If you are a lawyer or advocate who works with low-income Massachusetts residents, visit for legal information on benefits, employment, family law, immigration, CORI, and more.


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