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Fiscal Year 2016 State Budget

The EJC’s legislative funding campaign calls on state lawmakers to adequately fund the Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation (MLAC) line item in the Fiscal Year 2016 state budget. MLAC is requesting $25 million in the FY16 budget.

View MLAC's FY16 Budget Fact Sheet [PDF]

Below is a timeline of the budget process. Your voice and input is important throughout this process. Find out how to get involved and have your say.

  • Governor's budget
    • On March 4th, Governor Baker released his budget, which proposes funding civil legal aid at the same level in FY16 as in FY15. This amount reflects a mid-year cut to the FY15 appropriation of approximately 2 percent.

  • House budget
    • The House Ways & Means Committee recommended $17 million for MLAC in its FY16 budget proposal, released April 15.
    • The House passed its final budget on April 29, with a $17 million appropriation for MLAC.

  • Senate budget
    • The Senate Ways & Means Committee recommended $15 million for MLAC in its FY16 budget proposal, released May 12.
    • On May 20, the Senate passed its final budget, increasing its recommendation for civil legal aid funding to $17.1 million.

  • Conference Committee budget
    • On July 8, the House and Senate passed the Conference Committee budget, which provides $17 million for MLAC. The Governor has 10 days to sign the budget.

  • Governor's approval
    • On July 17, Governor Baker signed the FY16 budget, approving $17 million for MLAC.

  • Final budget
    • Following any legislative overrides, the final budget, called the General Appropriations Act (GAA), goes into effect.

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